Five Reasons to Make Final Arrangements Now

Organize and store up-to-date personal information your survivors will need to access easily. If you've ever forgotten a password, misfiled a legal document or lost your wallet, you know how long it can take to track down or replace vital information. Organize your personal information and documents now. Get started with a copy of our free Family Record Book. It tells you what documents you need to locate and gives you one place to record and update important information. Put important documents and a copy of your Family Record Book in a safe place that loved ones can access easily 24/7.

Make your wishes known. When someone passes away, lots of decisions and arrangements need to be made under emotional strain. That's why it's a good idea to schedule a planning conference now. You can come alone or bring your family. We will discuss all of the options and what they cost with you so you can make clear-headed, informed choices about how you want to be remembered.

Ensure that your wishes are carried out. We'll put your wishes in written form and designate Bristow-Faulkner to implement them. You can revise and update your plan whenever you want. And when the time finally comes, your loved ones will simply call us to carry out your wishes.

Relieve your survivors of financial responsibility. When you prefund your final arrangements, your survivors will have ready access to money to pay for them. There are several ways to fund pre-need contracts: an insurance or annuity policy, a trust, a savings account payable on death or transfer of real or personal property. We'll help you choose the one that's right for you and your loved ones. Whatever method you choose, your funds are transferable and you can add to them when circumstances or your plans change.

Provide peace of mind for you and your survivors. Planning ahead prevents confusion, conflicts and frustration about what to do when you're gone. Your survivors will be free to gather, grieve and remember you—just the way you want them to.

Planning Considerations

  • Who to notify right away
  • Obituary composition, content, photo selection and placement
  • Burial or simple or full service cremation
  • Casket or cremation container and vault or cremation urn
  • Cemetery and burial or cremation plot
  • Form of marker and personalization
  • Viewing or visitation
  • Location of funeral or memorial service
  • Service content: music, readings, flowers
  • Service participants: officiants, musicians, readers, eulogist, pallbearers
  • Commitment or scattering ceremony location and arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Items to be displayed at visitation, service, reception
  • Where to direct memorial donations
  • Reception location and arrangements


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