When someone you're responsible for dies, there are lots of details that require immediate attention—but all you have to do is call 804-758-2315. We'll transport your loved one, secure permits and death certificates, help you notify key family, friends, officials and advisors, and make and carry out personalized final arrangements.

Funeral Notices, Obituaries and Condolences

We place obituaries and funeral notices in newspapers and online. Anyone can sign up to receive obituaries electronically as soon as they are posted on our own website and Facebook Page. Friends, family and colleagues can post their condolences on our website, too.

Visitation and Viewing 

Whether your loved one is cremated or buried, friends and family often choose to gather informally at specific times before the day of the funeral or memorial service to comfort and support each other. We prepare your loved one for visitation or viewing, take delivery of flowers, set up and display memorabilia, create memorial folders, books, videos and slideshows, and maintain the guestbook. Our comfortable reception parlors will make you feel at home. We have abundant, well-lit, on-site parking. And our facilities are handicapped accessible.

Personalized Funeral or Memorial Service

A funeral or memorial service can take place just about anywhere—a church, our on-site chapel, under a tent, at home, in a park, at the beach, on a boat—and can take almost any form—a religious service, a reunion, a banquet, a reception.

We can recommend just the right musicians, music, poems, scripture, quotations, rites, rituals and traditions to memorialize a life—from a simple sprig of rosemary for each guest in remembrance of an avid gardener to full military honors. We'll make and show a movie or slide show about the decedent's life. We'll create a Memorial Folder so guests can have something to hold on to in the days and months to come. We'll do whatever it takes to make your loved one live on in the memories of his or her family, friends and colleagues associates.

Friends and colleagues who can't make it to the service can still feel connected to the person they've lost and those who mourn him or her with our live video webcasts of funeral and memorial services from our onsite chapel.

Graveside Service and Scattering Ceremonies

Family and friends accompany their loved one to his or her final resting place for a last good-bye. We make arrangements for cemetery space, transportation and traffic control, grave opening and closing, flowers and personalized monuments when a loved one is interred in a casket or cremation urn. When someone is cremated, we can also arrange a scattering ceremony that conforms to the decedent's or the survivors' wishes and complies with local ordinances.

Reception or Informal Gathering

Most funerals and memorial services are followed by a gathering of friends and family at a private home or a fellowship or reception hall. This informal time allows family and friends to exchange stories about a life they shared, to cry, to laugh and to support one another. It helps friends and family to realize that they can go on, that they can keep their loved one close, even in death. If you wish, we will plan the gathering for you. We can recommend and reserve reception space and catering services and set up flowers, displays, and memorial video and slideshows.

After the Funeral

After the funeral you may feel uneasy with your memories, your grief and practical considerations that just won't wait. You are not alone. We are here to help you for as long as you need us.

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