We have caskets and urns designed for both burials and cremations. Choose the style and material that best reflects your loved one's personality, philosophy, taste, budget and means of disposition.

We offer burial caskets made of cloth-covered composition board, hardwood, steel, bronze and copper. And we can personalize them to reflect the interests, hobbies, relationships and affiliations your loved one enjoyed during his or her lifetime.
We also have caskets designed especially for visitations, viewings and funeral services when cremation is planned later.

Cremation Urns

Preserve and protect your loved one's ashes permanently with a cremation urn. We have urns designed to display at home, place in a niche, bury in a cemetery or for scattering ashes over land or water. Because you can divide cremated remains, you can memorialize a life in more than one way. For example, some cremains can be scattered and some can be placed in a cemetery, niche or keepsake as a permanent memorial.


Most cemeteries require that the casket or cremation urn be placed in a vault or outside receptacle. A vault protects the casket or urn and keeps the ground above it from settling over time. Vaults are made of concrete or metal and offer varying degrees of protection. We'll help you determine which vault is best for the chosen gravesite.


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