Bristow-Faulkner and its predecessors have provided funeral and cremation services in Virginia since the late nineteenth century.


Late nineteenth century: E. W. Bristow opens one of the first funeral homes in Middlesex County Virginia in Deltaville. Clements and Edwards Undertakers opens in Saluda soon after.

1920: Clements and Edwards becomes C. F. Edwards Undertakers.

1930: C. F. Edwards' daughter Margaret marries E.W. Bristow's son, Charles M. Bristow, Sr.

1933: E. W. Bristow dies and his son closes the Deltaville Funeral Home and merges with C. F. Edwards Undertakers to become Edwards and Bristow Funeral Home.

1943: C. F. Edwards dies and the business is renamed Bristow Funeral Home.

1950: Charles William Faulkner graduates from Gupton-Jones College of Mortuary Science in Nashville, Tennessee.

1952: Charles William Faulkner joins Mercer Funeral Home in Urbanna, Virginia.

1956: Charles M. Bristow, Jr. graduates first in his class from Eckels College of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia and joins his father's business.

1959: Charles M. Bristow, Sr. turns Bristow Funeral Home over to the grandson of the original founders, Charles M. Bristow, Jr.

1959: Charles Bristow and Charles W. Faulkner agree to merge Bristow Funeral Home in Saluda with Faulkner Funeral Home in Urbanna.

1963: Bristow Funeral Home and Faulkner Funeral Home become Bristow-Faulkner Funeral Home. Robert H. Faulkner of Deltaville joined the firm.

1971: Bristow-Faulkner Funeral Home builds a new chapel and remodels the funeral home in Saluda. Urbanna location closes.

1984: Robert H. Faulkner retires from the firm.

1997: Charles and his wife, Betsy, serve as the 40th Urbanna Oyster Festival.

2007: Rotary Club of Middlesex County honors Charles M. Bristow, Jr. as the "Pride of Middlesex."

2010: The Mathews Chamber of Commerce named Charles William Faulkner, Sr. Businessman of the Year and honored him with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

2010: Charles William Faulkner, Sr. passed away on June 16. While serving in the army Medical Corps in 1947, a friend of Bill's was killed in a motorcycle accident. The family asked Bill to help with the funeral process. "God did the rest by calling me to funeral service, helping others to resolve grief in their most trying time. I have never had a desire to follow any other profession." Bill's legacy of care, compassion and joy for life lives on at Bristow-Faulkner.

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